What we do

Energy efficiency for business & industry

Cheaper, cleaner & more reliable energy solutions

We have the investment capital, expertise and partners to deliver energy efficient solutions to the end users in the commercial, industrial public and healthcare sectors.

We focus on energy efficiency, on-site generation and clean energy projects that reduce costs and risks for the end user, delivering cleaner, smarter and more resilient energy solutions. We aim to deliver better management, control and reliability, to reduce maintenance costs and thereby increasing productivity, profitability and asset values.

Our solutions require no up-front capital outlay for the end user and result in lower operating costs.

Our unique experience in deal structuring and project management, together with our network of world class technology and energy services companies, enable us to arrange and finance turnkey solutions with assured outcomes.

We off-set performance, operational and installation risks, resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Key benefits to host company

  • No upfront capital investment for the host company
  • Risk transfer during the installation and operation
  • State of the art technology and services
  • Performance contracts based on energy savings or output
  • Market standards for availability, performance and maintenance performance
  • Off-balance sheet solutions
  • Lower energy, operational and maintenance costs
  • Energy infrastructure upgrades with medium to long term investments and contracts
  • Specialist deal structuring and legal contracting

What is energy efficiency?

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solve the issue of energy inefficiency
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