Efficient and decentralised generation of energy

Investing to make a positive impact

Sustainable Development Capital LLP (“SDCL”) is a specialist investment firm.

SDCL was established in 2007 and has a proven track record of financing and developing clean energy, energy efficiency and decentralised energy infrastructure projects in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and Asia.

SDCL was launched to facilitate investment into environmental infrastructure markets. It has always focussed on investing in projects that are good for the environment, good for people and commercially sustainable. Indeed, it has always said that “if it is not commercial, it is not sustainable”.

SDCL is headquartered in London and the group and its investment vehicles also operate worldwide from offices in New York, Dublin, Hong Kong and Singapore. SDCL is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What we do
  • Established in 2007 to focus on sustainable infrastructure investing
  • Energy efficient investments in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and Asia
  • Enabling energy users to reduce costs and providing access to clean energy
  • Established Environmental, Social and Governance principles and signatory
    to the UN PRI
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  • SDCL has proven expertise to deliver onsite power, heating and energy efficiency solutions

    Specialists in project development, investment and asset management across international markets

    Track-record of delivering clean and efficient energy solutions using a wide range of technologies

    A leading team with 15 years of combined experience investing in and financing projects at all stages of the project development lifecycle:

    • Development
    • Construction
    • Operational