What we do

Investing in a world of opportunity

Cheaper, cleaner & more reliable energy solutions

We have the investment capital, expertise and partnerships to deliver energy efficient solutions to the end user across sectors in the commercial, industrial sectors, including healthcare and datacentres, as well as the public sector.

We focus on energy efficiency and on-site generation projects that reduce costs and risks for the end user, delivering cleaner, smarter and more resilient energy solutions. We aim to deliver better management, control and reliability, to reduce maintenance costs and thereby increasing productivity, profitability and asset values.

Our solutions require no up-front capital outlay for the end user and result in lower operating costs.

Our unique experience in deal structuring and project management, together with our network of world class technology and energy services companies, enable us to arrange and finance turnkey solutions with assured outcomes.

We off-set performance, operational and installation risks, resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Our expertise

  • In-house knowledge of renewables

  • Deep sector expertise

  • Complex energy transactions

  • Alignment in Success

Sector focus

We partner and guide industry-leading companies who have unique visions for building successful Sustainable Infrastructure businesses within core infrastructure sectors of water, waste, new energy, and sustainable infrastructure

  • Industrial

    Energy Solutions to Help Industrial Productivity

    All manufacturing and other industrial processes require a variety of energy services, including electricity and high temperature heat. Reducing energy costs can improve productivity and competitiveness. Industry is one of the largest users of energy in the economy and is also a substantial contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which can be reduced with energy efficiency.

  • Commercial

    Reducing Energy Losses from Commercial Buildings

    According to the IEA, buildings are responsible for c.28% of energy related carbon emissions and require electricity and heat throughout the year, often at specific times during the week.



  • Retail

    Reducing Carbon Footprint Across the Retail Estate

    Stores and distribution centres are substantial energy users, very often located at or close the centre of towns or cities. Energy demand reduction initiatives such as lighting and temperature control inside of buildings can improve conditions for customers and staff. On site energy generation, including small scale CHP, solar and renewable heat can also reduce cost and carbon.

  • Datacentres

    Supporting Technology Growth with Reliable Power

    The information and communications technology sector is one the largest and fastest growing energy consuming sectors in the world. Datacentres, which use energy 24/7 are projected to become the largest single user of electricity by the middle of the decade, potentially using more energy than all existing consumer devices combined. Electricity, cooling and backup power are all critical services in the operations of datacentres.

  • Healthcare

    Critical Energy Services for Critical Care Services

    Hospitals need reliable and cost-effective energy services throughout the year, ranging from electricity and heat, to hot water and cooling. They are one of the largest consumers of energy. Hospitals demand reliable and resilient energy solutions and backup systems. Energy demand reduction initiatives involving lighting and temperature control may also improve patient care.

Our services

SDCL is a leading specialist advisor on mergers, acquisitions, and related strategic matters within sustainable infrastructure. Our M&A and Strategic Advisory practice is distinguished by senior banker involvement, deep industry sector expertise and global reach. We are regularly involved in large, complex and industry-defining transactions, often across national borders

  • Equity & Capital Advisory

    structure, capital formation and capital raising. Our professionals work closely to source and advice on corporate finance options, in helping tailor financing strategies to clients’ unique situations, with an especially well established track record of finding innovative solutions for challenging market conditions.

    We advise clients on a broad range of strategic and tactical issues, including capital structure optimization, capital allocation, equity and debt and issuance

    And leverage our ecosystem of specialist infrastructure investment counterparties including large asset owners, sponsors, corporates, and strategics in bringing best execution forward for our mandates

  • Debt Advisory

  • M&A & Strategic Advisory

  • Divestitures

  • Private Capital Advisory