Santander Lighting | Commercial

Reducing Energy Costs by Up to 50% and Carbon Emissions by Up to 7,000 Tonnes p.a.

The project supplies the lighting for Santander using highly efficient LEDs. The project involved the replacement and retrofit of approximately 90,000 lamps in over 800 buildings in 2015. We also took the opportunity to introduce upgraded heating, ventilation, air conditioning and building management systems and controls during the nationwide retrofit.

The project was contracted by SDCL and implemented in partnership with GE Lighting, the technology supplier. The project removed the cost and risk of the project for the client, which pays a service charge once the project is commissioned and operational. The project is now owned by SEEIT, which receives a regular service charge based on the availability of the system for use. The key performance indicators for the project are contracted with both the client and our suppliers.

The project delivers carbon emission reductions by substantially reducing the energy demand versus the previous lighting installation.

Reduction in energy demand, together with the benefits of a long term service agreement for operation and maintenance, delivers cost savings to Santander versus business as usual.

This project demonstrates how energy efficiency can deliver cheaper, cleaner and more reliable infrastructure solutions to a wide range of commercial buildings.