REUTERS EVENTS: Future of Renewables Virtual

General/ 20 December 2020

A Renewable World Order:  Strategic leadership on investment, technology, and policy for the Green Economic Recovery

As the world seeks to rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, one vision has emerged clear, our recovery should be a green one with renewable energy at its core. As governments set about unveiling their grand plans for a sustainable world, the energy industry waits with bated breath to discover what opportunities lie ahead.

Reuters Events: Future of Renewables Global will unite policy makers and top thought leadership on one stage and unfurl the green recovery playbook. Shedding light on where the most lucrative opportunities await, whether it be the expansion of infrastructure, the electrification of end use sectors or decarbonising the way we do business. Therefore, charting the path for the energy majors of tomorrow.

The stage is set for energy leaders to steer us into a new world. Opportunity exists to reimagine, recreate and redefine our society in a new and greener image with renewable energy at it’s beating heart.

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